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One37pm Article – “The Roster”

Article published by One37pm and their new publication “The Roster. I talked about my starting in blogging and upcoming projects.


Since his move to Brooklyn, the blogger has been making waves in the fashion influencer world

Born in the Dominican Republic, Victor Lopez became a fashion blogger thanks to his brother. 

“I never thought of being a fashion blogger until my brother motivated me to do this,” Lopez told ONE37pm. “Living in NYC was a great platform for me to pursue it.”

Lopez is the founder of @HisOOTD— a fashion blog where he shares style tips and his travel experiences. From the coldest waterfalls in Iceland to the golden dunes in the Sahara desert, Lopez has been everywhere. “When I travel to any place I do my research of cool spots where I could take good pics, and based on that I put together my outfits to match the location.”

In addition to blogging, Lopez has plans to become an entrepreneur and start his own men’s jewelry business. 

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